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With over 550 stores on the high street and 490 stores at airports, train stations, hospitals and motorway services, WHSmith is one of the UK's leading retail groups and a household name.

Up to 7.2% cashback

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Cashback Terms
Please Find Below The Expected Cashback Levels For This Merchant. 
Standard Cashback : 7.2% 
Book : 7.2% 
Book - Audiobook : 7.2% 
Book - Bundles : 7.2% 
Christmas - Trees Lights : 7.2% 
Computing And Electronics - Blankmedia : 7.2% 
Computing And Electronics - Calculators : 7.2% 
Computing And Electronics - General Electronics : 7.2% 
Computing And Electronics - Inkjet : 7.2% 
Computing And Electronics - Mobile Phone : 7.2% 
Consoles : 7.2% 
Data Storage : 7.2% 
Ebook - Ereaders : 7.2% 
Ebook - OD : 7.2% 
Ebook - Readers : 7.2% 
Entertainment : 7.2% 
Filing Cabinets : 7.2% 
Furniture : 7.2% 
Gadget Shop : 7.2% 
Giftcards : 7.2% 
Gift Experiences : 7.2% 
Gifts - Games : 7.2% 
Gifts - Something Different : 7.2% 
Gifts - Toys And Games : 7.2% 
Gift Voucher : 7.2% 
Gift Vouchers : 7.2% 
Jigsaws - Toys And Games : 7.2% 
Magazines - Giftpacks : 7.2% 
Magazines - Subscriptions : 7.2% 
Mobile - Sale : 7.2% 
Office Electricals : 7.2% 
Outdoor : 7.2% 
Outdoor Play Equipment : 7.2% 
Printer Ink : 7.2% 
Stationery - Calendars : 7.2% 
Stationery - Cards And Wrap : 7.2% 
Stationery - Case And Bags : 7.2% 
Stationery - Collecting : 7.2% 
Stationery - Craftkits : 7.2% 
Stationery - Diaries : 7.2% 
Stationery - Diary Calendar Filofax : 7.2% 
Stationery - Filing : 7.2% 
Stationery - Filofax Inserts : 7.2% 
Stationery - General : 7.2% 
Stationery - Notebooks : 7.2% 
Stationery - Office : 7.2% 
Stationery - Pads : 7.2% 
Stationery - Paint : 7.2% 
Stationery - Paper : 7.2% 
Stationery - Paper Arts : 7.2% 
Stationery - Pencil : 7.2% 
Stationery - Pen Refills : 7.2% 
Stationery - Pens : 7.2% 
Stationery - Pen Sets : 7.2% 
Stationery - Photo Albums And Collectors : 7.2% 
Stationery - Photo Albums Frames : 7.2% 
Stationery - Shredder : 7.2% 
Stationery - Stamps : 7.2% 
Stationery - Storage : 7.2%


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cashback ?

Cashback is quite simply money that you get back as a percentage of what you spend when making a purchase on-line. Each merchant that you purchase from may offer different levels of cashback and this will be deposited into your cashback account for you to withdraw into your own bank account or let it accumulate in your cashback account to be used for a specific purpose. We love to call cashback….‘FREE’ money, because that is actually exactly what it is.

How Does Cashback Work ?

Cashback is earned by simply clicking the links from the Exclusive website that you are currently on, which will then connect you to the retailer website. Once there, simply shop as normal and the cashback due will automatically appear in your Exclusive cashback account. It’s that simple and we guarantee that you will receive 100% of the cashback that is paid on your transaction.

When Will I get My Cashback ?

Transactions normally appear into your Exclusive Cashback Account as pending within 24 hours of completing your transaction. The status will then remain at pending until the retailer has confirmed the transaction at which time your cashback will move to the confirmed status on your cashback account. Once we have been paid the cashback by the retailer, we will make this available to you as cleared cashback. The whole process can take between 30-60 days but can often be much quicker.

What happens if I don’t get my expected Cashback?

If you encounter any issues in relation to a transaction not being tracked correctly please let us know and we will take your query up with the retailer to try to resolve the issue. The final decision is always with the retailer and once they have finally refused to pay cashback on a particular transaction, we can do more and cannot make any further enquiries. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not make any purchase decision based purely upon expected cashback as it can never be guaranteed.

Although the vast majority of cashback transactions track perfectly, there are various reasons why from time to time a transaction may not go as expected. This can be due for example to possible third-party extensions installed on your browser which can interfere with the tracking link process. (For example, Ad Blockers). Also, cookies may have expired or been removed by you. This is less likely however is still a possibility.

How much Cashback will I get ?

Cashback rates are set by the retailer and are subject to increase or decrease at any time. Although we will always endeavour to inform you of accurate expected cashback levels they can never be guaranteed and therefore you may receive slightly more or less than anticipated.

Cashback is not normally paid on surcharges such as delivery and may not always be paid on the VAT element of your transaction.

Please see the Cashback terms for this merchant under the Cashback button at the top of this page.

Can I Use Voucher Codes or Promotions And Get Cashback On The Same Transaction ?

In simple terms the answer to this question is yes. As you would expect, all the merchants we deal with have different terms and conditions and you should always read our deal description before a purchase to ensure you are not disappointed with the level of cashback received. When using a Voucher Code in conjunction with your Cashback account you may find that the cashback is the same as usual or you may find with many merchants that the cashback level is reduced. There may even be the occasional merchant who does not allow Voucher Codes to be used in conjunction with Cashback.